Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Internet consists of of many thousands corporate, scientific, government and domestic networks. The association of the networks of different architecture and topology became possible because of protocol IP (Engl. Internet Protocol) and principle of routing the packets of data. Protocol IP was specially created agnostic with respect to physical communication channels. I.e., any system (network) of the transmission of numerical data, wire or wireless, it can transfer traffic of the Internet. At the joints of networks special marshrutizatory (program or instrument rooms) are occupied by sorting and perenapravleniyem of the packets of given, on the basis of IP- address recipients these packets. Protocol IP forms united address space on scales of entire peace, but in each separate network can exist its own address subspace, which is selected on the basis of the class of network. This organization IP- addresses makes possible for marshrutizatoram to uniquely determine further direction for each smallest packet of data. As a result between the separate networks of the Internet it does not appear conflicts, and data without difficulty and accurately are transferred from the network to the network throughout entire planet. Protocol itself IP was originated in the discussions inside organization IETF (Engl. Internet Engineering Task Force, Task force - group of specialists for solving the specific objectives), whose name can be freely transferred as "group on the solution of the problems of designing the Internet". IETF its working groups to this day are occupied by the development of the protocols of world network. IETF is opened for the public participation and the consideration. The committees of organization publish Vol. n. documents RFC (Engl. Request for Comments - the demand of commentaries). In these documents technical specifications and precise explanations on many questions are given. Some documents RFC are raised by organization IAB (Engl. Internet Architecture Board - council for the architecture of the Internet) into status of the standards of the Internet (Engl. Internet Standard). Since 1992 IETF, IAB and the number of other Internet- organizations they enter into the society of the Internet (Engl. Internet Society, ISOC). The society of the Internet allows organizational basis for the different research and advisory groups, which are occupied by the development of the Internet.