Saturday, July 22, 2006

internet gambling:

Internet gambling: placing, receiving or otherwise transmitting a bet or wager by any means that involves the use, in whole or part, of the Internet where such a bet or wager is unlawful under any applicable federal or state law in the state in which the bet or wager is initiated, received or otherwise made.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Internet banking

Reasons to bank online - you can track your finances 24 hours a day and take decisions instantly.
Most online services let you check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and buy financial products.
Many online banks, being at the forefront of personal finance, offer offset or current account mortgages.
Because online services are cheaper to run, banks also tend to offer a higher rate of interest.
The industry spends milions of pounds each year in a bid to make systems secure. But the harder they try, the harder the hackers try.
Either way, virtually banks guarantee to refund any money lost as a result of online fraud.